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Transforming your Home from the Inside-Out

Each talk or seminar is designed to awaken hope within yourself, intimacy with the ones you love most, and most of all, depth in your connection to Hashem.

Create space in your life for to take ownership. Learn how to honor and cherish your most valuable relationships. Simple mindset shifts that will elevate your connection – to yourself, your spouse, your family, no matter what circumstances Hashem has placed you in.

Gain profound awareness and insightful understanding of your role as a Jewish woman. Even after years of marriage, learn about the power of vulnerability, letting go of controlling habits and your ability to be resilient.

Think this might be right for you?

With a perspective shift and a willingness to rebuild, life like this IS possible.

Believe it or not, YOU are in a position to make an incredibly powerful impact on the outcome of your marriage and those in your community. By sharing the Roadmap to Intimacy Workshop, you’ll help create a space that provides hope, healing and deep connection amongst your community and their closest relationships.

Each workshop or seminar is designed to bring empowerment and intimacy to the forefront of your life. Please contact Aviva to discuss specific community needs.

Sample Roadmap to Intimacy Workshop/Seminar

Permission to Feel Worthy

Laying the Groundwork: Understanding the Self in “Self Care” and the importance of enjoying moments in your day.

Kavod/Respect: Avoiding the 4 C’s

A Deep Dive into What Holds us Back in Transforming our marriage

Understanding our husband’s from a Jewish perspective.

Control vs. Emunah : What’s Really Getting in the Way?

Explore your relationship with Hashem and how being controlling gets in the way of your intimacy.

Explore a Paradigm Shift to building trust in your relationships.

The Power of Feminine Energy

Embrace your Innate Power: use your feminine gifts to promote intimacy and express your deeper desires.

Learn how femininity is the glue for all strong relationships. Connect with and harness your innate power and learn to navigate relationships, marriage, parenting, and your relationship with Hashem (G-d) with ease and confidence.

Hakaras Hatov: It’s more than just gratitude

Create an environment of appreciation, tenderness and giving graciously.

Ride The Wave

By Aviva Barnett, MSW

Discover the secret to living
with peace of mind.

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