Community Seminars

Transforming Communities from the Inside-Out

An awakening of hope, wisdom and the ability to experience a deep connection to Hashem.

Offering Seminars, Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Help create an environment in your community that fosters menuchas hanefesh (peace of mind), emotional and mental health, compassion, forgiveness and simchas hachaim (joy in life ), no matter what circumstancesHashem has placed you in.

Gain profound awareness and insightful understanding of your own innate health and your ability to be resilient, while learning the true nature of where your feelings are coming from.

Live a life fully expressed and connected, rather than bogged down by a busy mind, misunderstanding and taking things personally. 

Seem to Good to be True?

With perspective and a paradigm shift life like this is possible.

Believe it or not, YOU are in a position to make an incredibly powerful impact in your Jewish community. By sharing this transformative Inside-Out Paradigm with others, you uncover grounds for providing hope, healing and connection amongst your community and with Hashem.

Each workshop or seminar is designed to best support the well-being of your community. Please contact Aviva to discuss specific community needs.

Sample seminar

Day 1: Creating a Space for Listening Deeper

Laying the groundwork: understanding how our mind works via the Principle Paradigm

Gain clarity on who you are, awaken your innate resilience and learn to trust your inner wisdom and the perfect design of the human psychological immune system.

Day 2: What is a Habit and Can it be Broken?

Happiness is found when you shift your relationship to your thinking rather than exert

enormous effort to change your thinking.

Experiencing the inside-out nature of life: You can experience any feeling: fear, unknown, confusion, sadness, gratitude, compassion, intimacy, when you are clear about where your feelings are coming from.

Making sense of anxiety, stress and worry. Learn about the misunderstanding that drives addictive, habitual and compulsive behaviors. A different definition for mental distress/suffering:  thinking I should be somewhere I’m not.

Day 3: Practical Implications (rather than Applications)

Seeing the Psychological Innocence in others: Navigating relationships: Community relations, Marriage, Parenting, Relationship with Hashem (G-d).

Finding ease in the dis-ease of life: trauma/addiction/difficult circumstances/the past

What makes acceptance, love and compassion possible?


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