Deeper than Positive Thinking

There is this belief out there that if we just think positively, we will be happy, yet most people find it hard to do most of the time. I think it’s hard for two reasons. The first reason is that there is a world of thought we live in that we don’t even see as thought. The second reason is because it’s an illusion that points people in the wrong direction.

Imagine you are feeling overwhelmed by life (I know it’s a stretch, but stick with me). You have a lot on your plate: raising your kids (even if they are out of the house they take up a lot of mental energy), working, keeping house, running errands, being available for other family members, trying to take care of your health by working out and eating right (or at least wanting to), having guests, dealing with a difficult circumstance in your life (an illness or tough decision to make)…and anything else that could fit on your plate if there is room (ha-ha).

If you ask most people in this situation to differentiate between what’s reality and what’s their thinking about reality, I’m going to guess that many of them won’t know what you mean. Well if you believe it’s too much, I can’t handle it, I’m overwhelmed, it’s not fair, I’m running on empty…this may be how you truly feel. However, those feelings are not coming from the full plate, they are coming from all of your beliefs (a stronger word for thought that we use which disguises the fact that thought has anything to do with how you feel).

If you are wearing a pair of green glasses, will the world look green? If you are wearing a pair of red glasses, will the world look red? Will you be surprised when everything looks green or red? No, because you realize you have those glasses on.

What happens when you don’t realize you have glasses on? You get duped into thinking you are seeing a green or red reality. It won’t look like your glasses have anything to do with what you are seeing. That is the illusion. If you don’t know it, you will spend your whole life trying to figure out how to change the world from green or red into multi-colored and will feel perplexed why nothing is working (even thinking positively about the world you see).

See, if you believe the world is coming at you rather than being created from within you (via G-d’s divine gift of Thought in the moment), you will always be looking in the wrong direction (and even trying to change your thinking so the world coming at you looks nicer, it’s still the wrong direction).

Is it possible that beliefs like it’s too much, I can’t handle it, I’m overwhelmed, it’s not fair, I’m running on empty are a pair of glasses that we innocently wear, don’t see them as glasses, and then blame life for being green or red and not multicolored?

I’m inviting you to consider this possibility because when you insightfully see how you live in a world of Thought (which is invisible), the content is not actually what is important (changing it to feel better). Rather the direction you look in to awaken your resilience is what is important: looking inside as the creator of experience (via G-d’s energy) rather than outside as a victim of circumstance. This would be truly freeing.

If you are getting even a whiff of hope here and how this could be true, I encourage you to keep looking in this direction for your resilience is a thought away. It would be my pleasure to be of service to you in your journey toward waking up, shifting perspective, looking for truth and finding freedom, so reach out if this resonates.

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