Feeling Inadequate

I get that we each have a lot of evidence to point to this “truth.” Look at how I yell at my kids. I get so angry. See how badly I failed. I messed up again. I still can’t get it right. See, I made the same mistake for the 100th time.

No matter how many times you yell, how many times you fail, how many mistakes you make, that is not a reflection of WHO you are. It’s a reflection of WHERE you are. Where you are in your state of mind, not who you are in essence.

I can’t stress this distinction enough! Understanding this distinction is the difference between a life of perpetual self loathing or a resilient life.

Since we live in the feeling of our thinking, if we walk around beating ourselves up all day and focusing on how inadequate we are, is it any wonder why we feel so bad? In a low state of mind, feeling insecure, all human beings behave in less than ideal ways.

However, addressing our behavior only perpetuates the illusion that I am inadequate. The illusion is made up of thought. The truth is that I am feeling inadequate right now because of my thinking about myself in this moment.

Can you look beyond your behavior to the real truth of who you are, a pure and healthy soul created by the Creator himself. We were created with a resilient psychological immune system that allows us to bounce back from mistakes if we let it.

Identifying with who you are rather than where you are burns up the illusion. The behavior will follow.

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