Your Peace of Mind is NOT for the Taking

I heard Dr. Pettit say, “The only person who has the power to take away my peace of mind is me.” This means that no one else and nothing else has the power to take away my peace of mind…unless I let them, unless I use my free will to give them that power, unless I believe (a stronger word for think) that they have that power.

This fact is the foundation of freedom, health and resilience.

Now you can keep reading to just finish the article or you can pause for a moment and consider the truth of this.

Is your peace of mind for the taking? Can someone else or something else take it away from you? If yes, then there is no freedom, only victimhood. If no, then there is freedom, health and resilience, no matter how difficult your circumstances may be. The deeper you see it, the more transformed your life will be.

This is pointing away from an illusion that seems very real for people…that something outside of you has the power to put a thought or feeling inside of you. It seems that your childhood, spouse, job, house, how the kids misbehave, compelling thinking, overeating, anxiety or finances has the power to take away your peace of mind. It does not!

It may look that way. It may feel that way. But knowing it doesn’t work that way allows our resilient psychological immune system to handle any thought/feeling as it is designed to do, as well as settle our minds as it is designed to do.

Are you willing to look in a radically different direction than what your feelings tell you? Your feelings may tell you it’s his fault you’re in pain. It’s her fault you’re not happy. It’s your fault your life isn’t going the right way. Blame takes away your peace of mind. If you choose to blame, then you choose to give away your peace of mind.

Knowing that the only thing that creates your feelings/experiences/state of mind is Thought in the moment frees your mind from a ton of content that wants to tell you otherwise. Remember, your peace of mind does not need to be for the taking.

2 thoughts on “Your Peace of Mind is NOT for the Taking”

  1. Rachel Leah Stanger says:

    So true… if we will focus on this consistently we can really move ourselves to a space of free contentment.

    1. Aviva Barnett says:

      Amen. May we all be blessed to insightfully see this over and over again and enjoy free contentment as you say.

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