Intimacy is something we all crave. As a powerful Jewish women, you have the feminine power to transform the atmosphere in your home from one of distance, negativity or hostility to one of deep connection, respect and closeness. Vulnerability is the fuel. While many of us strive to maintain shalom bayis (peace in the home at all costs), we often forgo self-care and instead become martyrs, finding ourselves stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

For the women who are ready to take responsibility to renew their relationships, I am here for you.

Hi, I'm Aviva Barnett, MSW, Founder of MWmindworks, wife and mother of 4 boys. As a trained Three Principles/Innate Health practitioner, I aim to awaken in my clients emotional resilience, peace of mind and a deep trust in Hashem and in themselves.

Now, I am applying a new paradigm, one that will help you discover new insights that will unleash greater connection and understanding in your most intimate relationships. Personal journey turned community mission, I'm focussed on bringing this new way of living to YOU.

From this point forward, we begin the journey of uncovering your fears and insecurities, letting go of controlling habits and anxieties, and embracing the intimate connection with your husband that you always dreamed of. If you are ready to live a life of connection and peace of mind, while also bringing kedusha in to your home and your relationships, let's join forces!

"We can choose intimacy or we can choose to be right."
-Aviva Barnett


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Want to know more about what you can expect? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Navigate relationships more gracefully.
  • Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and controlling habits.
  • Let go of judgments, expectations, and blame.
  • Gain new insights on how to transform your relationship.
  • Discover your feminine power and the power of being vulnerable.
  • Strengthen your emunah and trust you are being taken care of.

Aviva Barnett is an orthodox Jewish woman who embodies Torah wisdom, spirituality and The Three Principles to unlock the secrets to living a life of deep connection and intimacy in your relationship and in your home.

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