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  • Do you feel compelled to keep thinking, worrying and ruminating about whatever is on your mind or going on in your life?
  • Have you ever felt like a victim of your circumstances (i.e.: your body size, your children's behavior, your anxious thinking)?
  • Would you love to end all the drama and urgency and bring some peace to your experience?
I can totally relate because that was me. I spent 24/7 thinking about my body/weight, worrying about how I was doing as a parent (or more accurately how I was messing up my kids) and revisiting conversations in my head which made it difficult to fall asleep or move on.
  • I wanted to be present, but found it impossible with everything on my plate.
  • I craved feeling good and being happy, content with myself and my body, but I was constantly plagued with feeling distressingly insecure.
  • I tried to contol my thinking or positive think stuff, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn't ever seem to stop it or get on top of it for long.
If you are like I was, you probably dream of peace of mind, but find it is elusive. You want to be present, but can't understand why you're in your head all day. You want to feel God's love and hand guiding you, but constantly feel like "it's not fair" or "it shouldn't be this way."

How does experiencing mental and emotional health sound? It's possible. How does being present in your life, being able to handle whatever God sends your way sound? It's possible.

You have the innate resilience you need to be guided through life no matter what the circumstances. Presence, peace of mind and trust no longer have to be elusive goals. If relief and freedom are what you are looking for, you are in the right place. It would be my greatest pleasure to share with you an understanding that will change your whole experience of life.

Ride the Wave
By Aviva Barnett, MSW

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​I am so grateful. Not only have you helped me find my mental health and really be able to recognize that I have the resilience and emotional well-being within me, but how do you put a price tag on helping me heal from the spiritual void I've lived with for so many years???
D.H., New York
After struggling with severe anxiety and depression for many years I strongly believed there was no hope for my life to change. I lived with the belief that my past has left me broken and I needed fixing to enable me to move forward with my life. I've tried all types of therapy but nothing seemed to help...until I was introduced to the 3 principles. I began meeting with Aviva Barnett for private counseling sessions to learn and understand how my mind works. It's been a few short months and I am seeing an incredible shift in my thinking that I would never have thought possible.
Baltimore, MD
I am more present in day to day life, experience a quieter mind more of the time and I now truly believe that I have innate health and resilience no matter the circumstances.
Passaic, NJ
Aviva has an amazing natural ability to teach the principles with warmth and clarity, and I am filled with tremendous gratitude to her for helping me live a calmer life.
A.N, Monsey
Aviva's presentation of the principles is so clear, real and practical. She's able to address the "tough" questions with grace and honesty.
C.P., Denver, CO
Learning about the 3 principles (innate health) with Aviva has brought about an incredible shift in my thinking and how I view life. I have found it to be the most simple, yet effective understanding that literally transforms your experience and way of living. I consider myself lucky to have come across the 3 principles!
M.N.,New Square, NY
Aviva changed my life! She is an excellent teacher and a tremendous listener. She has taught me how to have clearer thinking and how to listen to my true inner voice. I can't thank her enough for making me a better wife, mother & friend.
M.S.,Passaic, NJ
Whatever Aviva is sharing, she does so with clarity and in a refreshing way that allows for her humanity. My understanding of what makes me tick seems to naturally deepen whenever I listen to her teach.
S.H., Milwaukee, WI
I have experienced a profound shift in my ability to be present in day to day life through Aviva's teaching of how the mind works. Not only do I feel more focused when I am involved in something, I also enjoy it more. I carry much less worry/stress around with me on a daily basis and I sleep much better now that I understand the value of a quiet mind.
L.W.,Passaic, NJ
I walked out thinking I don't really fully understand how this works, but for the glimmer of hope that I felt that I don't have to live the rest of my life this way, gives me a sense that I'm headed in the right direction and want to come back for more. It felt so liberating not to have to drudge up all the old "stuff."
Brooklyn, NY
Working with Aviva is entirely different than any other attempts at "self-help" I have tried before. Her ability to clarify how thought works greatly empowers me and enables me to navigate life with an ease I never before thought possible!
F.T., Lakewood

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