Is your child struggling?

Being bullied in school, having difficulty making friends, feeling peer pressure? Making poor choices, stressing over school work, feeling anxious, depressed or insecure? Watching things you feel are inappropriate, interacting on social media, acting out? Experiencing tension with a sibling or parent? Painfully awaiting a shidduch?

What about you as a parent?

Do you take it personally when they make mistakes or poor choices? Do their actions dictate how well you are parenting? Labeling you a failure or poor parent? Do you feel guilty, judge yourself and your child or maybe your spouse for how he is handling the situation? Do you worry about your child and his struggles all the time?  

It doesn't have to be this way.

Raising a child who is struggling (no matter what age, no matter what their specific challenge is) doesn't have to upset the whole household, your marriage or your relationship with your child.

You can learn to live with menuchas hanefesh (peace of mind) which will be the ultimate success path for parenting your struggling child.

I have learned that the answer doesn't lie in trying to control our kids’ behavior, choice of friends or thoughts and feelings (or our own for that matter). It lies in trusting that there is a resilient system within each of us that we can learn to tap into. A system that can awaken the natural state of love, understanding and security we all possess when we are not absorbed with our own habitual thoughts.

In order for you to help your child navigate their experiences in life, their thoughts and feelings, you must first understand and be able to navigate your own.

Join me on a completely new journey to become the parent you want to be. Access your own resilience, clarity and confidence. Experience emunah and peace of mind while helping your child through his/her struggles.  

Lets Begin Today

As a mother of four boys I’ve certainly had my hands full over the years. In the beginning, when they were young, I was always trying to find the right parenting approach and techniques to make sure I was raising my children to be respectful, happy and directed Jews. I felt that following the right parenting guru or program would enable me to change my negative behavior or my children’s undesirable behavior. Then I’d feel the security and calmness that truly successful parents experience, but that wasn’t how it played out in real life. (read more)

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