Struggling? Seeking freedom from self- blame, anxiety, depression, self-hatred, shame or anger? Seeking freedom to live a life you're truly meant to live; a life of love, connection, flow, peace, compassion and security? What if life is not about managing or controlling your pain, but uncovering and discovering who you are under the pain? What if you weren't afraid to meet your painful feelings because you deeply saw that this place of pain is the treasure house of where you meet Hashem and uncover your greatness?

I have over 20 years of experience helping clients get relief from unnecessary suffering and move forward toward a deeper satisfaction in life. Gain more peace in your home, marriage, parenting, security and self -esteem, and find the ability to embrace your life with more confidence and a sense of stability.

I believe that everyone is intrinsically good. All the negativity we see comes from pain, not being a bad person. We all crave to feel safe, whole and worthy. Your value is not dependent on anything or anyone, nor is it dependent on how successful/unsuccessful you are, how your spouse is treating you or how your children are behaving. It's not dependent on your body size or never experiencing fear, anxiety, depression or any other negative thoughts or feelings you may have.

As you unleash your belief in yourself and who you really are under all the pain, letting go of self-judgment, lack of self-acceptance and awaken a deep compassion for who you are and where you are, you begin to fully live, opening the flow of blessing and abundance that Hashem wants to bestow on you.

Now is the beginning of your journey to have permission to be the YOU you're meant to be and share that with the world. This is a journey of uncovering your fears and insecurities, letting go of controlling habits and anxieties, and embracing an intimate connection with yourself that you deserve.

Here is what you can expect from the work:

  • Discover acceptance, understanding and compassion.
  • Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and controlling habits while embracing your humanity.
  • Let go of judgments, expectations, self-consciousness and blame.
  • Gain new insights on how to transform your relationship.
  • Access your inner strength and open your heart to handle life.
  • Strengthen your emunah and release fear.

Aviva Barnett is an orthodox Jewish woman who combines Torah wisdom and spirituality with her training and experience to form a unique therapeutic experience. Deep healing while uncovering your true self is available to everyone, no matter your struggles, pain or circumstances.

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