Stress, anxiety and overwhelm have become the acceptable mental lifestyle for most people today, leading to emotional distress and undesirable behaviors. Indulging in the status quo doesn't have to be the answer. Not for you.

Aviva Barnett, Founder of MWmindworks, shares a new understanding of the thought-feeling connection. Understanding of this methodology, awakens inner resilience and peace of mind.

Aviva empowers a paradigm shift within you, helping you discover where your thoughts and feelings are truly coming from . This knowledge will help you to overcome emotional hardship. MWmindworks was created to transform your life, your family, and your community.

Now is the beginning of your journey to become the YOU you've always wanted to be. If you are looking to make a greater impact for yourself, your family, or your community, Aviva will help you uncover your inner wisdom and innate abilities.

Here is what you can expect from the work:

  • Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs.
  • Let go of judgments, expectations, self-consciousness and blame.
  • Discover the acceptance, forgiveness and compassion which already exist within you.
  • Strengthen your emunah and peace of mind.
  • Gain new and fresh perspectives on old stuff.
  • Detach from negativity.
  • Navigate relationships more gracefully.
  • Embrace your humanity.
  • Impact your community.

As a mother of four boys Aviva certainly had her hands full over the years. Prior to learning the Principles, she was overwhelmed, unhappy and rarely present in her life, feeling stuck because of her “circumstances.”

Each day, waking up to a busy and judgmental mind, Aviva felt compelled by her thinking. The Principles helped her address previous struggles of body image issues/overeating, compulsively exercising, yelling at her kids, fear of making mistakes, caring what others thought of her and always feeling annoyed. These common human experiences started to look a lot different as she insightfully saw the role The Principles played in explaining where her feelings were really coming from.

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