Roadmap to Intimacy


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What people are saying about the course:

This course is unlike any other Shalom Bayis class I have ever attended. I am so grateful that I met Aviva, as she has changed my life and my relationships. I feel so empowered to be able to finally make positive changes in my life and relationships with the practical skills she gives over in such a clear and enjoyable way.

-ER, Passaic

I really just wanted to say thank you so much for offering this course to women in our community. I am so grateful that I participated. It has not only directly improved my relationship with my husband (and children!) but it provided a wealth of insight into my own thoughts and actions. Through this series I have a much greater understanding of my role in my relationship with my husband as well as my unique feminine ability to improve it significantly.

-A.W., Passaic

Aviva’s course was the best thing that happened to me in the last year. It opened my eyes to so many things that I didn’t even know were a reality in my (or any) marriage. What Aviva taught was deep and all encompassing yet so very practical. The tools she gave us were easy to implement yet implementing them yielded immediate results.
-G.G., NY

Great webinar series taught by amazing life coach and therapist Aviva Barnett that I wanted to share with you. I absolutely loved it. Very refreshing insights and advice, it definitely rings true and I see it working!

-S.S, NY

I cannot thank you enough for the courses! They have been extremely validating and insightful. I was especially able to relate to the intimacy course and the topic of being a mekabal/not being so controlling. I think I was pretty much nodding my head in understanding the whole way through 🙂 The follow up tips are a great resource for future reference. Thanks again!


Thank you so much for all your guidance, sincerity , and mind blowing honesty ..
I am so blessed to have you in my life .
So I wanted to write a testimonial..
I am blown away by how controlling I am .. and am especially towards my husband..
since this intimacy course I am literally finding myself speechless by how often I know best … how often I imply that I know best . But the best realization is choosing to not be his mother .. and be mindful of what end results I’d like . It’s a definite work in progress and I have a long way to go . But I already feel a shift in the temperature of the house and most important is the shift in the way my husband is responding to it..thank you Aviva..


Aviva gave me a richer understanding of my marriage and myself. The ideas presented are not just theory however; I have tons of practical tools to implement in my marriage. I’m excited to make my solid marriage even closer, to be more open with and accepting of my husband, and to create the marriage I’ve always wanted!! Aviva is also wonderful at listening deeply to the questions we asked and providing thoughtful answers. I recommend this Webinar to any woman , no matter how long she’s been married, to take her marriage to the next level!


You have a gift to give over examples and principles that hit the core issues and “real desires”!


I just wanted to say that these classes are exactly what I needed. I feel like basically every example you give is tailor made for me.



You are my lost twin….I feel like you are me and your husband is my husband


I can’t believe how insightfully, comfortably and sensitively you are able to share with all of us. And I leave each class feeling so full, and so uplifted and positive about myself, my husband and our life together. There really aren’t words to encapsulate my gratitude.

-E.N., St. Louis

I feel like this class has taken me up a few notches in the spiritual ladder, I feel like it showed me ways to grow as a person in many fronts besides marriage.

-O.S., LA

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