Is this therapy?

No, this is not therapy. This is a unique educational approach that requires exposure for a period of time. For more detail see Services.

Can I just buy your book?

I would love you to buy and read my book. That doesn’t replace working one on one with someone though it will be a good beginning.

Where is your office located?

I have a lovely office in my home with a private entrance located at 3 Forest Ct., Passaic, NJ.

Do you have evening hours?

No, but I may make an exception occasionally.

What do you charge?

$175/hr. If you choose a package, the rate is discounted.

Do you take insurance?


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, via PayPal

What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours in advance when you can. I will only charge you if I had to say no to someone else who wanted the spot.

How long are your sessions and what is the frequency?

The initial session is usually 2 hours. If we are meeting weekly, then the follow up sessions are an hour. I am not the type that is going to say, “Oh, times up,” if it feels like you are about to see something new. I try to give leeway when I have the time to

The frequency will depend on your goals. Sometimes a client realizes that immersing herself in this education will be more beneficial than meeting weekly, so we could meet a few days in a row for two 2-hour sessions each. Sometimes weekly works for a client.

How long of a period of time does it take?

It really depends. Since there is a spiritual nature to the design of the human system, we get to insightfully see this design in God’s time. For some women, one insight can completely change the trajectory of their lives. For others, slow and steady insights, create a lasting change.

With that said, I believe that taking 3-6 months to immerse yourself will provide the greatest results. At that point, your clarity and wisdom will guide you if you want to go deeper.

Do you work with people over Skype/Zoom/phone?


Do you only work with women?

Yes, but I may make an exception via Skype/Zoom. I will work with a couple together and see the husband separately if necessary.

Do you only focus on parenting?

No. We can address any issues/struggles/challenges that arise in your life or your child’s life.

Do you work with younger children directly?

I work directly with teenagers/young adults who may be struggling. Sometimes, I will make exceptions and work with a younger child, but it depends.

If my husband isn’t interested in this approach, can I still use it to be a better mother?

Absolutely. When we are clear where our feelings are coming from and we learn to navigate gracefully, that affects the whole household.

What is this unique educational approach?

We will be talking about Principles behind our psychological functioning and answering the question where do my feelings come from? Learning about the thought/feeling connection is the quickest way to find peace of mind, resilience and emunah. Learn more about this approach here.

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