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This is what Rabbi Michel Twerski has to say about Aviva’s book: The counsel of Ride the Wave is transformative and quickly grasped by an open mind. Drawing on Mrs. Barnett’s own exciting Jewish journey, she is able to engage the reader on a more spiritual plane, which makes it all the more real. I believe that everyone will easily identify with the presentation and will benefit significantly by adopting the compelling ideas which grow organically from the premises she describes.
Rav Michel Twerski, Milwaukee
Hornesteipler Rebbe, Founder of Twerski Wellness Institute
Aviva’s book offers a wonderful tool for opening up a world of potential change. We underestimate our power of thought and the way it creates our feelings and actions. This book helps bring that power to our conscious awareness and frees us to be open to and benefit from newer realities. It is an important contribution to inner growth and serenity that many have stopped believing possible.
Chani Juravel, LCSW
Therapist and Lecturer
I am in the middle of reading Ride The Wave for the second time, and enjoying it very much while gaining personally. It’s deep, yet easy to read and grasp. It cuts through a lot of psycho-babble, while presenting a clear and attainable way to yishuv hadaas (inner peace). I highly recommend reading it, but more importantly, USING IT.
Rabbi Yitz Greenman, Passaic, NJ
Aviva’s enjoyable to read and relatable book offers a powerful approach to living with simcha. We learn that we have choices we never thought we had. We are taught how to shift away from the obstacles we put in our path so we can gain full access to all our resources. The experience of how this information changes and improves our reality is nothing less than shocking.
Shanny Gejerman
Teacher and Lecturer
This book is life-changing. The principles outlined can immediately boost the reader’s quality of life. Aviva presents ideas in such a clear, relate-able way. It’s a must read.
Simi Yellen, Los Angeles, CA
Aviva’s book is easy to read and understand and makes a space for the reader to have their own insights into their own mental health. It is a must read for every person whether they feel like they are currently struggling, surviving, or thriving.
Chaya Parkoff, Denver, CO
Certified Professional Life Coach
For anyone looking to tap into their inner self and to take control of their life in a way you’ve never tried before this is a great read. I’ve attend her workshops, she has personally coached me and I’m thrilled to now have her book on hand. Her work has helped to transform my perspective and enhanced my life. I am able to get through life with greater ease and I’ve surely learned to “Ride the Wave.”
Aleeza Ben Shalom, Philadelphia, PA
Marriage Minded Mentor
This is an outstanding book. For anyone who is seeking greater insight and understanding into their and others’ thinking and behavior, buy this book. Not only will not regret your purchase but will assuredly recommend Aviva Barnett’s book to others!
Vladimir Jefferson
​This book delivers a simple, practical and down-to-earth guide to a life free from the judgment, expectations, and fears that can derail you. Aviva has a striking ability to bring true peace of mind, and yet inspire and empower all at once. A must-read.
Erika Bugbee, M. A.
Partner at Pransky & Associates, Co-Founder of the Online Learning Division
Working with Aviva is entirely different than any other attempts at “self-help” I have tried before. Her ability to clarify how thought works greatly empowers me and enables me to navigate life with an ease I never before thought possible!
F.T., Lakewood
Aviva has an exceptionally clear way of giving over the principles. In addition to the simple, yet life transforming ideas compiled in this book, reading it was a most pleasant and liberating experience. Highly recommended for all!
N.K., Monsey, NY
Aviva Barnett’s book on the Three Principles approach reflects her comprehensive and deeply grounded knowledge of this paradigm. Anyone experienced in the Principles or just starting out can benefit from this warm, personal, and down-to-earth review/introduction to the inside-out experience.
B.C., Baltimore, MD
Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book!! I read it sloooowly, as to really internalize it’s brilliant messages and insights. Wow. It’s excellent, written beautifully, and very entertaining. I will definitely read it again and again.
T.R., Boro Park, NY
Having participated in Aviva’s workshops I know how powerful the tools and information are that she presents. This book successfully distills all her amazing knowledge into a very engaging and easy to understand book. I love that I’m now able to have access to this information any time I want. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get clarity on how to tap into their own inner wisdom and navigate the waves of life we all inevitably face successfully.
D.H., Passaic, NJ
I am really enjoying and learning a lot from it. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for to help me move forward in a more positive way, in my life. I very much appreciate the honest account you present and I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with your readers.
P.G., Monsey, NY

Ride The Wave

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