Elul: Realign Ourselves with the Truth

Elul: Realign Ourselves with the Truth

Do you ever experience a disconnect between knowing that G-d runs the world and everything He does is for our good and actually feeling that truth?

I know I do. Then I wake up to the fact that the ability to feel or not feel that truth is always going to be a result of Thought. The feeling of disconnect is just a thought created illusion.

When I lose sight of the fact that every thought and feeling I have is a Divine gift, I get a gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) reminder which comes in the form of a feeling.

INSECURITY is the simplest name for it, but it can also be called anxiety, fear, frustration or any other label you want to give it.

Insecurity is not a bad thing. It’s the direct result of living in a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding that my feelings are coming from something other than Thought in the moment (or said another way, other than Hashem in the moment).

Insecurity is a wake up call. It can either be a call to spin faster in my mind via whatever habit I’m interested in (i.e.: judgement, self consciousness, blame) or it can be a call to prayer.

What if you related to feeling insecure as a beautiful opportunity to realign yourself with the truth (that your experience is always coming from Divine Thought which is always for your good) rather than the made up illusion you may be ruminating about.

Elul is that time when we want to redirect, reorient and return to seeing Hashem’s hand moment to moment in our lives and feeling His love.

The only reason we may not see His hand or experience His love is because of a thought. “He doesn’t love me.” “He’s punishing me.” “It shouldn’t be this way.” (which as we said brings with it an insecure feeling because we live in the feeling of our thinking).

That is not a problem though. It is an experience that let’s me know I have stepped out of alignment, so to speak, for that moment. I stepped out of awareness of the truth. Upon awakening to that misunderstanding, we are right back in alignment.

Elul, rather than being a time where we beat ourselves up for all the things we aren’t doing well enough (which is a continued thought creation producing more insecurity), we can choose to realign with the truth.

Alignment with G-d’s truth, our experience comes from Him via Thought in the moment, brings a feeling of security even if our circumstances remain challenging.

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