Even comic books have a lesson to teach us…

Even comic books have a lesson to teach us…

Did you ever see a cartoon where they have a thought bubble above someone’s head? In the animation cartoon on my website you can see one.

We are like those cartoon characters and those bubbles are always popping in our mind and new ones are being created. The content of those bubbles is always changing. Yet, why does it feel like sometimes the bubbles hang around forever and reproduce themselves in the millions?

The simple answer is that we innocently take those bubbles very seriously.

Imagine a comic book character coming alive and being able to talk to the bubble that was drawn above his head. Envision Superman having a conversation with this bubble and pontificating with the bubble about who filled it and why. He tells the bubble maybe you should have been drawn in a different spot on the page. Maybe you should be a different shape. Why aren’t you making me sound smarter or braver? Why are you making me the savior and not the villain ?

There’s Superman conversing with the picture of a bubble on it. Yet, if he took a moment to turn the page, superman would see that the position of the bubble changes, the content of the bubble changes. Why does he have to get caught up with the particular bubble on the particular page that he does?

Because in this scenario, he doesn’t see that he is taking the bubble seriously and he doesn’t know that it will change on it’s own without him needing to converse with it.

We all get duped into having conversations with our thoughts (bubbles) believing we are just having an internal healthy dialogue in order to figure things out. Our efforts are misdirected.

Our answers don’t come from talking to our bubbles, analyzing them, giving them attention so they reproduce. Our answers come from a different place altogether. They come as a spiritual revelation from within. Our souls were designed to guide us via insight.

We have all had the experience where we just realized something. Where we were hit with an “aha” moment or an “oh ya, that’s it.” It didn’t come from the content of our bubbles or our incredible ability to analayze the bubbles. It came from a deeper place, from something far greater than our limited and subjective bubbles.

We could learn to relate to our thoughts like the bubbles above Superman’s head. When we find ourselves in conversation with them, notice the silliness of it, the misdirection of it, the innocence of it. We will then be free to look toward the real place of our answers, toward G-d, rather than toward our ego.

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