Summer is here which usually means transitions.

A young client of mine was sharing with me her concern about going to sleepaway camp for the first time, worrying about being homesick.

I thought to myself, isn’t that odd? Missing home and your parents is the most natural and healthy thing in the world. Who came up with diagnosing that experience as a sickness?

Why is it that most experiences we decided we don’t like need a label pointing toward what’s wrong with us rather than what’s normal and healthy?

What if we were given permission to feel our feelings without labeling them or judging them? What if missing home was just Thought in the moment? What if worring about missing home was just Thought in the moment? What if feeling bad about the experience of missing home is just Thought in the moment?

We would be free to feel what we think (which is what we do anyway) without all the hoopla about it.

How many other experiences in life are labeled a problem or something to avoid, turning them into a “thing” like homesickness? Maybe there is no such “thing” as homesickness, but rather Thought flowing through some people some times, giving them the feeling of missing home.

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