What am I offering that is different from what you have already tried?

Well this is not a parenting class. I am not teaching you techniques on how to parent better. This is not therapy. In a healthy state of mind, you intuitively know how to parent. In a busy state of mind you probably can't pull off the parenting techniques you already know successfully.

This is a unique educational approach to understanding where emotional pain and struggle are truly coming from. Although it looks like it is coming from your circumstances (your struggling child or what your child is struggling with), once you align with the truth of where thoughts/feelings come from, you will find the freedom and peace of mind you are searching for. 

We are going to have a human to human conversation about understanding how we were designed psychologically and spiritually.

Understanding how your mind works. Understanding the nature of thought, what thought is or isn't, the thought/feeling connection. This will provide hope and healing in a deep way.

Insightfully you will begin to see and relate to thought in a completely different way. When this shift occurs, you will experience the relief and joy you are looking for, as well as the freedom to parent ,not out of habit, but out of choice. (to read more about understanding vs. technique go to BLOG)

All private sessions and packages are available in person or via telephone/Skype. Fee for individual session: $175/hr. Packages are discounted.

These three packages provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of how human beings function psychologically. Find safety, freedom and resilience as well as experience a deeper trust in God's divine system.

Starter Package

4 1-hr sessions with email support in-between

Starter $650


In Depth Package

10+ 1-hr sessions with email support in-between

In Depth $1500


Resilient Retreat

In person 3 day immersion program with 4 hrs. follow up and email support

Retreat $2400

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