Emotional well-being for your community, for your family, for yourself.

A healthy state of mind allows you to intuitively handle circumstances, tough times, relationships and communication challenges, with ease.

Aviva designs her sessions, workshops and seminars to help you and your community actualize the power of resilience. Her work is offered through:

One-on-one Coaching
Resilient Retreats

"You are emotionally and mentally healthy right now.
My work just helps you to realize this!"
- Aviva Barnett

MWmindworks programming offers a foundational understanding of how you can discover answers for yourself, leading to a more insightful and emotionally fulfilling, connected life.

Using The 3 Principles of Innate Health, to Sharing the Three Principles, Aviva guides individuals and communities in aligning with the truth of how human beings were designed  - psychologically and spiritually - to experience life.

Workshops and Seminars are interactive and rooted in person to person conversations.

Each offering is designed to bring out the best in each community. Whether you are a struggling parent, overwhelmed with leadership, anxious, self-conscious, unsure of your worth, feeling generally stuck or victimized, or you are just looking for a new mindset, MWmindworks Programming can help.

Think MWmindworks may be good for you or your community?

Aviva designed this programming in an effort to help people and communities grow together, creating a better functioning community for all. Aviva helps your community view life, circumstances, communication challenges, expectations, disappointments and fears in a new light. Uncover a clear path of how to shift your relationship to these thoughts/feelings.

This work changes communities. It changes families. It changes you.

Understanding how your mind works will provide hope and healing in a deep way. Please Contact Me to learn more about which offering/service is right for you!

All private sessions and packages are available in person or via telephone/Skype. Fee for individual session: $175/hr. Packages are discounted.

These three packages provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of how human beings function psychologically. Find safety, freedom and resilience as well as experience a deeper trust in God's divine system.

Starter Package

4 1-hr sessions with email support in-between

Starter $650


In Depth Package

10+ 1-hr sessions with email support in-between

In Depth $1500


Resilient Retreat

In person 3 day immersion program with 4 hrs. follow up and email support

Retreat $2400

Ride The Wave

By Aviva Barnett, MSW

Discover the secret to living
with peace of mind.

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