SHOULD – My Least Favorite Word

 At the end of this whirlwind of holidays, someone said to me “I should be happier on this holiday.”

The word SHOULD strikingly popped out at me right away. You see, most people believe that they are looking at their life and whatever they think about their life is a reflection of what they see. This is an illusion.

Really, our thinking that we should be happier, more giving, a better parent or spouse, more patient or anything else we choose to judge ourselves about, powerfully creates our reality and the feeling of lack or insecurity that we experience. That feeling has nothing to do with the “truth” of our life. Our life is a reflection of our thinking, not the other way around.

We do this all innocently because sometimes we don’t even know what core beliefs we have about ourselves. We just feel we aren’t good enough or doing enough or deserving enough. It’s no wonder we feel stuck, angry, anxious, frustrated or lacking in our lives.

BUT (and this is a big BUT), we don’t have to anymore. We have the capacity to wake up to this illusion and shift the point of power from being a victim and disempowered to being free and empowered.

When we realize that we are bringing these unwanted experiences, circumstances and even people into our lives via our innocent beliefs, we can change. Life is not happening to us, it’s happening through us. It’s a gift to realize this truth.

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If we weren’t afraid to feel, we would be free

The definition of suffering is thinking I should be some place I’m not.

But for my thinking, I’m perfectly healthy right now.

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