Thoughts are like the rains…

Thoughts are like the rains…

Recently my son was explaining to me how the water cycle works. Water naturally goes through the cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation over and over again.

“What’s the relevance to my life?” he wanted to know.

It occurred to me that it was actually a great analogy for how the Principles work. Our feelings are the result of a thought cycle.

Just as water falls from the sky (sometimes it drizzles, sometimes it rains and sometimes it thunderstorms), eventually it evaporates and goes back to its source, only to come down again in a different form.

Our feelings are only thoughts flowing through our system like water falling from the sky? Do we have to fear heavy rains or torrential downpours? No. We may take an umbrella or wait until it slows down to go outside, but it’s just water.

So too with our thoughts. There is no need to fear any feeling that could possibly come through the system: panic, stress, joy, overwhelm, gratitude, insecurity, even fear itself.

The water cycle is powered by an infinite source that has nothing to do with me (even though I may take it personally when it “rains on my parade.”) Thoughts, too, are powered by an infinite source that has nothing to do with me (even though I may take it personally when my mind is cluttered).

Rains come and go without us. Our thoughts come and go without us as well, if we don’t innocently take them too seriously.

Understanding that is very relevant to our lives.

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