A Mistake is just a Mistake

A Mistake is just a Mistake I was playing jacks with my son the other day and each time he got out he said, "I'm so bad." After hearing it the fourth time I said to him, "No you're not. You just got out. What does making a mistake and getting out have to do with being bad?" I thought...[ read more ]

Bursting the Balloon

Bursting the Balloon ​It never ceases to amaze me how I could be experiencing an intense emotion in one moment (and in all honesty, I can't say I see that thought has anything to do with the intensity of the emotion in that moment) and then five minutes later, an hour later, a day later it just vanishes and something...[ read more ]

Breaking Free from Imprisoning Thoughts

Breaking Free from Imprisoning Thoughts How many of us have beliefs that limit us and we don't even know it? Thoughts such as, "I don't have enough time," "it shouldn't be this way" or "I can't take it anymore!" Imagine this scenario. The clock reads 6:31 PM. You're meeting your date at 7 and you still haven't been able to...[ read more ]

Finding Psychological Freedom

Finding Psychological Freedom This is the time of year when there is a spiritual energy in the universe that allows us to access freedom more easily. ​Most people believe they are imprisoned by their behaviors, their personalities, their environment, their past. We may believe we only act the way we do because of how others treat us, what happened to...[ read more ]

The WAZE always knows!

The WAZE always knows! ​I have this longstanding love/hate relationship with my GPS. There is something about putting my faith in its ability to guide me when I feel totally lost that I don't fully trust. So there I was, picking up my son in the middle of no where (it was somewhere, just no place I had ever been...[ read more ]

“I don’t have enough.” Where does lack come from?

"I don't have enough." Where does lack come from? Have you ever wondered where the feeling of lack comes from? I used to believe it was an objective measure. X amount of dollars in your bank account means you have enough and below X means you are lacking. ​ X amount of clothes in your closet means you have enough...[ read more ]

Thoughts are like the rains…

Thoughts are like the rains... Recently my son was explaining to me how the water cycle works. Water naturally goes through the cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation over and over again. "What's the relevance to my life?" he wanted to know. It occurred to me that it was actually a great analogy for how the Principles work. Our feelings...[ read more ]

We each have the capacity to be like a Jack-in-the-Box…

We each have the capacity to be like a Jack-in-the-Box... I met with a friend for coffee the other day and I was enthusiastically sharing the opportunity we each have to be psychologically free. How many of us have beliefs that limit us and we don't even know it? Thoughts like "I can't," "Not me," "it's not my personality or...[ read more ]

Even comic books have a lesson to teach us…

Even comic books have a lesson to teach us... Did you ever see a cartoon where they have a thought bubble above someone's head? In the animation cartoon on my website you can see one. We are like those cartoon characters and those bubbles are always popping in our mind and new ones are being created. The content of those...[ read more ]

Look Up!

Look Up! ​I was away last week skiing with my family for winter break and the lodge didn't have internet, so I couldn't send out the newsletter. (Thanks to those of you who let me know you missed it.) While I was skiing for the first time, my husband's constant refrain was, "Look up! Stop looking down at your skies...[ read more ]

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