A Parenting Perspective Shift

After asking my son to stop playing Fortnite and get ready for bed for the 4th time, I got angry and yelled "let's go, you are starting to push my buttons!" As the words were flowing out of my mouth, I had this weird sensation (if I were in a movie, the scene would have become slow motion as I...[ read more ]

Spreading a Message

Sara Rigler wrote about Rabbi Nivin’s method’s for discovering your mission. One question he recommended asking yourself is “If I inherited a billion dollars and had six hours a day of discretionary time, what would I do with the time and money?” I reflected on that and came up with this: After taking my whole family to Israel, I would use...[ read more ]

Free Yourself from the Blame Game (aka: Victim Mentality)

This is the time of year where we reflect on our thoughts, speech and action in order to return to our true Divine selves. Have you ever had the thought that you were a victim or felt like someone wronged you and you wanted to tell them off? We usually associate victimhood with horribly abusive situations, but I’ve been seeing...[ read more ]

Feeling Bad gets a Bad Rap

Feeling bad is not relegated to the intense, depressing, heart wrenching pain or the despairing distress that leads us to make poor choices or do things that hurt ourselves. Feeling bad can be as simple as not liking the moment, not wanting to be with yourself as you are right now, feeling lost or lonely or disconnected. These are all...[ read more ]

Anger is a Misunderstanding of Reality

I saw this cartoon of two fish swimming in a fishbowl and one fish says to the other, "How's the water?" The second fish replies, "What water?" In the fish's world, it doesn't even realize it's in water. It doesn't know any different. The reality that fish live in water isn't even visible to the fish. So too, we live...[ read more ]

Elul: Realigning Ourselves with the Truth

Do you ever wonder how we could intellectually know the truth that G-d runs the world and everything He does is for our best, yet not feel that way at all? If that is the truth, why don't we always feel it? Well I guess you have to stop and ask yourself, where do your feelings come from? The ability...[ read more ]

My Mind and my Car: What’s the Connection?

My son recently got his permit, and I haven't found driving with him all that pleasurable. There is a pit in my stomach as we pass cars parked on the side of the road, and I feel too close to them. I fell anxious as he makes turns and comes to a cross section that even I find hard to...[ read more ]

Designed to Perfection

The issue I have been raising over the past couple of weeks has been how to help our youth, how to inoculate them, prepare them and educate them on the truth of where their innate resilience lies and where their feelings, perceptions and experiences are coming from. Imagine if you knew growing up as a teenager that you were ok...[ read more ]

There is a Solution

We are all well aware of the struggles our youth are facing today. Whether it’s social challenges such as being plagued by what other’s think of them, lacking the self-trust to avoid peer pressure or the insecurity of feeling different, or academic challenges such as being a perfectionist, lacking self-esteem because of grades or troubles with the teacher, or emotional...[ read more ]

Making a Difference

We all like to be impacted, inspired and touched, but how often do we take responsibility to share what we’ve learned in order to impact, inspire and touch others? I know I don’t often enough. I’ve been playing small and realized today why. You see there is this pervasive worldview of “I’m ok, you’re ok” which I know is meant...[ read more ]

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