There is a Solution

We are all well aware of the struggles our youth are facing today. Whether it’s social challenges such as being plagued by what other’s think of them, lacking the self-trust to avoid peer pressure or the insecurity of feeling different, or academic challenges such as being a perfectionist, lacking self-esteem because of grades or troubles with the teacher, or emotional...[ read more ]

Making a Difference

We all like to be impacted, inspired and touched, but how often do we take responsibility to share what we’ve learned in order to impact, inspire and touch others? I know I don’t often enough. I’ve been playing small and realized today why. You see there is this pervasive worldview of “I’m ok, you’re ok” which I know is meant...[ read more ]

Do You Ever Feel Lost?

Do you ever feel lost? I don't mean the kind where you are driving and you don't know where you are, so you let the Waze redirect you. I mean the kind where you feel out of sorts, somewhat disconnected, lacking motivation or direction. That's how I feel today. It's so funny how I found myself walking around aimlessly, checking...[ read more ]

Want to Stop Yelling at your Kids?

Is there anyone who believes that it's ok to yell at your kids? Probably not. I mean we all do it, but we don't think we should. Instead we think Get a grip! Control yourself! What's your problem? Then we make resolutions to figure out how to control ourselves, change our behavior or take a class to learn a new...[ read more ]

Peace of Mind within our Community

If I had to describe my vision of a healthy community with peace of mind (whether in a family, workplace, shul, or even all of klal yisroel), it would be a group of people who listen to each other, value each other, see the good in each other and help each other. This environment, by definition, means a place without...[ read more ]

Living Outside the Box

Recently, a client asked me a question while we were exploring her perception of what being a good wife and mother meant to her. During this time, she concluded, "So, are you suggesting that I live outside the box? To let go of preconceived notions and expectations that I might have about what being a good wife and mother are? To not...[ read more ]

Working on Ourselves

Since Rosh Chodesh (the first of the month) is always a time for teshuva (contemplating our actions and returning to our true selves and G-d), I found myself davening this morning and reflecting on the idea of "working on ourselves." There seems to be a deep rooted belief that the only way to grow and change is to work really...[ read more ]

Our Children are Resilient

Our children are resilient. It's true. Not only is this an inspiring and hopeful thought, but an empowering one as well. Knowing that our children are resilient, and ok no matter what, in turn gives them the strength to handle trying times, difficult feelings and even apparent setbacks. You may ask, "But what if I don't believe in this resilience?"  What if...[ read more ]

Definition of Parenting

Parenting, as defined by Wikipedia, is "The process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood." While Google may provide countless lists of parenting techniques and how to accomplish this, I'm here to provide a unique perspective. Instead of learning techniques for proper parenting, I encourage focusing more on your...[ read more ]

Parenting Yourself

When we hear the expression Parenting Yourself what comes to mind? Caring for your inner child? Being the adult in your life that you feel you missed as a child? I want to first ask, who is yourself? Is it the hurt little girl? The anxious teenager? The confused and lost adult? The obsessive thinker? The stressed out mom? The...[ read more ]

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