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I just had a conversation with a woman struggling with anxiety who has tried so many different therapies, medications and approaches that she wanted to know if this approach could really give her the relief she is looking for or is it possible that she is the exception and nothing can help her. I felt her pain so deeply. After...[ read more ]

Finding Compassion for Yourself

A dear friend invited me to attend a retreat. My biggest take away was the gift of being incredibly present to a level of compassion I've never experienced before. I'll try to describe it. Imagine giving yourself permission to just be. To be yourself, flaws and all. Not covering up vulnerabilities, taking off the mask of persona, totally raw, like...[ read more ]

Your Peace of Mind is NOT for the Taking

I heard Dr. Pettit say, "The only person who has the power to take away my peace of mind is me." This means that no one else and nothing else has the power to take away my peace of mind...unless I let them, unless I use my free will to give them that power, unless I believe (a stronger word...[ read more ]

Darkness is Depressing…or Not!

When I was in my 20's, I got anxious just thinking about winter coming with less daylight, cold and dreary days ahead. I believed I had SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the winter and lack of sun were the reason I felt mildly depressed during those months. Then in November at the age of 28, I got engaged. As winter...[ read more ]

Deeper than Positive Thinking

There is this belief out there that if we just think positively, we will be happy, yet most people find it hard to do most of the time. I think it’s hard for two reasons. The first reason is that there is a world of thought we live in that we don’t even see as thought. The second reason is...[ read more ]

The Waze Always Knows

I have this longstanding love/hate relationship with my GPS. There is something about putting my faith in its ability to guide me when I feel totally lost that I don’t fully trust. So there I was, picking up my son in the middle of nowhere (it was somewhere, just no place I had ever been before) and needing to get...[ read more ]

I Must Have it NOW! A Fresh Perspective on Urgency.

My son got this idea in his head that he had to have a mini Segway NOW! As he ran into the room, almost pushing me aside from the computer, he said, "I just need to look something up now." As he searched for the one his friend had, he kept asking, "Can I get it? Can I get it?...[ read more ]

You’re Not Who You Think You Are

We all live in a lot of thought. We know that. Lots of it is self-critical, judgmental and negative. We think we aren’t good enough. We think we don’t deserve. We think we are messing things up (our children, marriages, jobs). We think we aren't worthy. We worry about everything and fear the worst possible outcomes even more. We have...[ read more ]

Vital Information that Helps our Children

Our youth today are facing a wide range of challenges: everyday mood swings, feelings of anxiety, stress and pressure, self-esteem and identity struggles, being pulled by the power of social media and the desire to fit in. At times we all care what other people think of us, feel insecure and blame life, school, family or friends for why we...[ read more ]

SHOULD – My Least Favorite Word

 At the end of this whirlwind of holidays, someone said to me “I should be happier on this holiday.” The word SHOULD strikingly popped out at me right away. You see, most people believe that they are looking at their life and whatever they think about their life is a reflection of what they see. This is an illusion. Really,...[ read more ]

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