Is Thinking Addictive?

Is Thinking Addictive? Do you ever feel like you are addicted to your thinking? (Thank you Lisa for this question) Like you want to stop, but you feel compelled to keep thinking, worrying and ruminating about whatever is on your mind. Whether it's about your past, your food, your kids, your husband, your job or even just the fact that...[ read more ]

This is for You!

This is for You! his newsletter is meant for you so with your permission I would like to change up the format. I would like to be answering your questions. Questions about how I can be of service in explaining to you what it means that you are only ever feeling your thinking, as well as pointing you toward an...[ read more ]

Embrace the Struggle

Embrace the Struggle ​Feeing depressed, marital issues, a difficult child, illness, a messy house, a controlling person in your life, not getting your way.... How can I consider embracing the struggle when at the same time I am busy thinking "I don't want this; I can't handle this; This isn't fair; I'm stressed out from this." What if I didn't...[ read more ]

Bad Habits or Just Insecurity?

Bad Habits or Just Insecurity? ​There have been many different flavors of habits of thought that I have had over the years, such as compulsively thinking about food or my weight, obsessing over money, worrying about my children and ruminating about the past to name a few. I read in George Pransky's book, The Relationship Handbook, that insecurity leads to...[ read more ]


Homesick? Summer is here which usually means transitions. A young client of mine was sharing with me her concern about going to sleepaway camp for the first time, worrying about being homesick. I thought to myself, isn't that odd? Missing home and your parents is the most natural and healthy thing in the world. Who came up with diagnosing that...[ read more ]

Can I Handle Discomfort?

Can I Handle Discomfort? I took away something from my son this week that I hadn't had the gumption to do sooner. As I watched the "withdrawal" happening, I realized that I hadn't done it sooner because I was afraid of his reaction (another word for the feelings he would express). I feared his discomfort, disappointment and anger. Actually what...[ read more ]

My Way or the Highway

My Way or the Highway I find it amazing how sometimes just a small shift in perspective can change up the experience I am having. When the house is a mess, it's too much money to spend, I really need a break, your not meeting my needs or your parenting style is too harsh....and I feel upset, frustrated, insecure or...[ read more ]

Recharging Your Battery

Recharging Your Battery​ As this holiday season came to an end, I felt like I was on empty. I had no interest in serving, cleaning, helping or giving, and I certainly had no tolerance for the ingratitude of some of the culprits around me. So I decided to go on strike (as my husband called it when I refused to...[ read more ]

Seeing G-d’s Hand in my Life

Seeing G-d's Hand in my Life The Passover holiday is about seeing G-d's hand in our lives. Feeling as if we are being hand-held as we are brought from our own personal form of bondage (addiction, compelling thinking, limiting beliefs, difficult circumstances, ego) to redemption (freedom from our enslaved minds and our egos). What I find fascinating though, is that...[ read more ]

Feelings are Like Sign Posts

Feelings are Like Sign Posts Our feelings are sign posts helping us walk through life. Your reaction to reading that line may have been quite non-chalant. Sure, makes sense. No big revelation there. But imagine if we truly believed it. What would the impact be? I'm driving along the Turnpike and the signs direct me so I know which exit...[ read more ]

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